Google-Confirmed Local Ranking Factors 

Find the TOP 10 Ranking Factors Below

Google is proving out:

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John Bogdanski

Google GMB 10 Ranking Factors

In no particular order

  1. Complete and detailed business information on GBP
    (Surprisingly these change across the web)

  2. Keyword match
    (Ask how we get 2 GMB's listed in the same physical location)

  3. Distance from the searcher to the business
    (Important but not insurmountable)

  4. How famous a business is
    (Our "promotion" tool helps you become famous in your local market)

  5. Backlinks
    (If you're not backlinking to your GMB you're missing a big opportunity)

  6. Articles about the business
    (This does not mean articles on your site)

  7. Directories that contain business info
    (NAP among others)

  8. Review count
    (Important but not insurmountable)

  9. Review score
    (Important for both humans and Google)

  10. Organic ranking positions
    (This includes 3rd party sites that mention you)

The full Google details (we summarized) can be found --> here

Our testing's shown
a few "other powerful tricks" too

I don't see them on the list

But then again...

I  don't expect Google to show all their cards.

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