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We are finally offering these services to the open market.


  1. Google My Business Posts 
    (done for you, the right way)
  2. Special Citations
    (that no one tells you about)
  3. GMB Setup  (properly)
  4. Verified GMB Listings
    (the ones you can't get... OR Your Money Back)
  5. Content
    (local focused and search engine optimized)

The BIG Questions

The leads are yours - JUST YOURS
We don't share them with 3 other companies like the other guys do.

We Have Protected Territories - Under Our CARE
Once you become our client in that specific area, for as long as you are our client...
That territory... For that category...  Is yours!
It is no longer available to anyone else but you.

ROI Reporting - (what's working, what's not)
All phone numbers and links to your site from the GMB sites are tracked and you'll get a report every month.

    • You can track our success or failure
      (your business gets a unique local phone number for every location you own)
    • Know TO THE PENNY, if we are effective for you or not
      (match the leads to your sales)
    • Make money with us before you commit
      (If you qualify, you'll get the 1st month free)

The Details

Google My Business Posts

Strong, Effective, Consistent

  • 2 fresh posts/week (meta-data included)
  • Latitude & Longitude (always included)
  • Sequenced to satisfy both humans and Google

Set up $200 (unless you have a franchise code)
1-5 Listings $250.00 /listing/mo. 
6-10+ Listings $200.00 /listing/mo. 
50+ Listings $149.00 /listing/mo. 
100+ Listings $99.00 /listing/mo.

Questions, or see if you qualify for the
1st  month of GMB posts free, click here.

Special Citations

Local Power
The links no one talks about...

  • 2 special links per month
  • Positioning you as "the brand"
  • Link building for results
  • Better than typical SEO juice

We do all the work, only $85/month

Questions, or see if you qualify for the
1st month of GMB posts free, click here.

GMB Setup

It's easy to think GMB is fill in the blanks easy.

The truth is there are a number of nuances AND if they are done incorrectly, it will forever keep you OUT of the 3 pack.

What's even worse... you're in the 3 pack and you never get picked.

Let us do it the right way the 1st time.

We do all the work, a one time set up of only $125

Questions, or see if you qualify for the
1st month of GMB posts free, click here.

Verified GMB Listings

Get a verified listing (industry related) in the town(s) with in your market area, with in 30 days... or your money back.

Industry related example: if you're in the restoration business, we may start with a category with-in restoration and add more categories over time.

Free setup, the GMB set up service ($125 value)

Now you can be in any city/town in your territory, only $150/month

Questions, or see if you qualify for the
1st month of GMB posts free, click here.


 (lets face it... with out good content ya' got nuthin')

We offer:

  • Blog posts
  • GMB posts (see above)
  • FULL blown articles you can use on your site or as a "guest post" on someone else's site
  • Press releases
  • You name it, we have expert writers that can do it

Tools & Services That Are Coming Soon

    • Social (do it right and build your local brand)
    • Video (use it to help dominate your local area)
    • Pay Per Click (how to use it as a 2nd piece of the puzzle to dominate your local area)
    • Reviews (how to get your customers to be thrilled to leave you a review)

Questions, or see if you qualify for the
1st TWO months of GMB posts free, click here.

See if you qualify for the 1st  month of GMB posts FREE
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