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Before I share my history, the most important question you should be asking yourself….


Simple, you should look me over to disqualify me as someone NOT worth listening to.

Or, you can do the lemming shuffle, stay with the existing companies in the industry and “walk off the cliff” because that’s what lemmings do.

Harsh? You betchya’

The way I see it, drinking the Kool-aid and following agencies stuck in the past or worse, simply uneducated in what’s working online and you’ll continue to burn through your cash, miss HUGE opportunities and keep complaining “the internet just doesn’t work for your business”.

Look – I get it. But things are really changing…

MY HISTORY: My parents were successful entrepreneurs and that stretched back a few generations on both sides of the family. Growing up, Dad built homes (developments) and Mom designed them.

As I got older, we (as a family) owned a nightclub. It was the first “disco” in northeast Connecticut and opened to a packed house for years. There’s an interesting marketing story attached to this, so when we talk, remind me, and I’ll share the details.

Just out of school, I started a small manufacturing plant in my parents basement.

a_american_gladiators2We manufactured the first water based “dipped” products in the country. (we had quite a few 1st’s on both the production and martial arts side of the business, but that’s for another story)

We outgrew the basement 3 times and created a manufacturing facility where we sold product both domestically and internationally.

You might have seen some of our products on MTV, ABC, CBS, and FOX.

Some of the products we helped produce were used by the Seal Teams, and even the CIA. Most notably you may have seen our products on the American Gladiators.

Business was excellent and we were expanding into a variety of markets when 9/11 happened.

Our customers were hit hard, especially our big department store accounts from around the country.

My master strategy of manufacturing products for two different markets (to spread the risk of having all my eggs in one basket) did not take into account a 9/11 scenario. I decided to change gears and leverage my new found passion for marketing and the internet.

It was early in the new millennium, 2003 give or take a year or two… I was traveling 95 south heading to a small advertising agency on New Jersey.

You may have heard of it… Warm Thoughts Communications. 

That’s what led me into the Propane and Heating Oil Industry..

Shortly after, I created a heating related site that was generating over one million pageviews a month.

Sadly, many in the industry said;
“The internet is a fad. It won’t get any traction”
and they didn’t take advantage of my new website opportunityJohnny D

So I continued my marketing career in a variety of different industries but I was committed to the heating industry.

You see, even though the industry wasn’t embracing the new technology, I was.

I was able to turn the million page views a month into consistent checks from Google.

Monthly checks from Google helped me
keep the industry sharply in focus


The image above shows how I leveraged all the visitors to my heating site into cash…

You’ll note the seasonal flux and my small snapshot of income from Google ($102,413.71).


The BIG take away for me?

The industry is still slow to embrace the internet but it’s not their fault, and I can understand why.

The majority of the internet marketing information shared within the industry is decades old and just not working any more.

Realizing the opportunity to help and to take a leadership role in the industry, I pulled together my expert internet contacts (that I’ve built relationships with over the years) and created this site.

I also created the first State of The Propane & Heating Oil Industry “Special Report on Internet Marketing”.

My goal is to help the industry take advantage of Internet opportunities and help everyone grow.

Straddling both on-line and off-line marketing while keeping a “leg” immersed in the consumer side of the heating industry has turned into a HUGE advantage.

We have teams here in the USA, the Philippines and in Brazil
(our USA team is below)

  • 16453495_original-320xx321

    Johnny D

    Chief Cook & Bottle Washer and looks after the pride

  • depositphotos_62553649_original320xx321vv2


    The lioness of the pride and looks after John

  • Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda

    The princess cub that makes the magic on the sites

  • Wayne Swan

    Wayne Swan

    The up and coming
    leader of the pride

  • Bella

    She keeps it all together and is so well known she only needs 1 name

More pics of (camera shy)
people will be added shortly


If we can help you or if you have question, just fire off a message to me using our contact us page.

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