Build Local Expert Status

Use This ONE Thing
To Build Your Local Brand

(Includes: Example + Video + 6 Marketing Points Below )

When Someone in Your Area Needs What You Provide...

You want them to think of you 1st!

Don't let price be the only decision-making factor

Become the 1st company they think of

Become the only person they think of

One Example is the Expert Interview

Leverage "AUTHORITY"

Remember watching someone being interviewed on TV?

Did you notice that the reporter (in the newsroom) gives the person being interviewed "Expert Authority Status"?

This is just 1 example of many.

This works for ANY LOCAL COMPANY

In this example, we are focusing on positioning a local marketing company to the Denver Colorado community.

Marketing tactics you can use right now are included below.

Who Cares?

It's the same old story...

If I tell you how good I am, you'll probably yawn.

But, if someone else tells you, you'll pay more attention.

How you heard about me, is incredibly important too.

Six Marketing Points That You Can Use


Positioning "Denver Local News" 
If you're from Denver - you'll pay more attention


Reporter "news-room style" format
(think Walter Cronkite style)


"Finding a Marketing Services Professional"
(helps, not sells) You are positioned as the "expert"


Subtly add your "map location"


End with "full details"

    Watch the pre-production video below


    This is a pre-production example:
    Showing how we "inject" good marketing into the video

    We help promote your video too

    1. We post and promote your video in 25+ video directories
      (all over the internet)

     2. We SEO optimize your video
       (more organic exposure = more people finding you and watching)

    3. We add this to your youtube channel

    Would like to have an authority video similar to this?

    The RISK is on us!
    You approve the video before you send a dime
    • we give you a script to follow

    • we choose the best keywords and topics for you
      (to get the most exposure and leverage)

    • you can use the video anywhere you'd like


    This is only one way to gain exposure and build your local brand

    For more information reach out to us and we will add you to our "secret" mailing list where we share lots of local marketing tips you can use right now 😉

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