Water Damage Restoration Chat

Kudos to SERVPRO...

For allowing a chatbox to be added to the franchise sites

Back in 2019, we added a chat box to one of our SERVPRO franchise clients and once corporate heard about it they quashed it.

So now...
Seeing a chatbox "popup" on franchise sites warms my heart.

The current "chat-box" being used
on SERVPRO franchise sites is nice...

BUT not as robust as franchise owners need.

Especially if you want to convert more visitors into more jobs.

Put Your chatbox on Steroids

Danielle Mortimer Restoration Hero

So instead of "just a chatbox"

All existing clients get our chatbox on steroids for FREE!

That means:

  • Facebook messenger chatbox
    (easier to stay connected and build your social page)

  • Email integration - collect emails
    (people do a lot of research for mold, building an email list and nurturing a relationship with them is critical)

  • Embed a video in a popup - a great way to introduce yourself or make the interaction more personal¬†
    (we can customize the size)

  • Choose what "popups" appear on what pages
    (better results when you have a mold-related popup/offer appear on a mold-related page)

  • Add a Google analytics and a Facebook pixel
    (follow your visitors around after they leave your site and remind them you can help them with remarketing ads)

  • Promote your 5-star reviews on your site
    (For example, a 5-star mold review show up on the mold page)

And yes they get the tool for free, as long as they are active clients.

Interested in becoming a client?

Just drop us a note at:

ThePride @ BigCatMarketingGroup.com

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