The 3 Big SOCIAL-Media Problems
Restoration Companies Face
and the Simple SOLUTIONS

Build your brand in your Local Community by Using Social the right way

If you're a SERVPRO Franchise... This is a gamechanger because you can't do this with your current site

Problem #1
You don't stand out in your local market...

For example: If you're a SERVPRO franchise, you're competing against local independents and others.

PLUS you're competing against OTHER SERPRO's too (just look at the pay-per-click results)

Problem #2
COI's (centers of influence) had enough of your "donut visits"

Dropping off donuts is a nice touch but it gets old quickly...

You're not adding real value, just empty calories 🙂

Besides, everyone else that visits drops off donuts too.

Problem #3
Making sure everything works as it should

It's hard to KNOW what to post or to post like clockwork.

It's difficult to manage (keep an eye on) what's being posted.

And tracking what's working (so you can do more of it) is tuff.

Where The

1.) BUILD a list of people interested in your services

2.) Help make your posts GO VIRAL

3.) Be "THE LOCAL BRAND" in your community

People LOOKING for a solution --> Build a list of people using an ebook.

An example of an ebook we are starting to build for SERVPRO of Denver North

Statistics and Facts | US EPA
Watch Video
We are testing this for people doing research for mold in their home

GOING VIRAL --> It's called "Message to Market Match"

Not everyone is interested in mold

I'll  "betchya"  New  DAD'S are VERY Interested!

We found bringing a newborn home caused DAD's to be hypersensitive to protect their babies. That means they are on the lookout for anything (like mold) because they want to keep their new family safe.

Think I'm kidding?

We've uncovered lots of reasons why
Need  to Call a Restoration Company

And how you can "talk" directly to them when they are
seriously interested in hiring a restoration company

We call them "TRIGGER EVENTS" and we find POWERFUL data like this, by listening to actual incoming calls to restoration companies just like yours.
Big Cat Marketing Group

This is IMPORTANT because...

Using this example, you can TARGET (with your ads) and offer the "perfect" information that Dad is looking for, all wrapped up in a downloadable e-book.

DON'T BE FOOLED - Facebook throttles your posts and very few people see them.
(Seriously - your entire friend list won't even see your posts)

If you want your post to be seen and have a chance to gain some traction...
You MUST advertise it.

In this example, you can set your LOCAL advert TARGET to:

  • Family
  • Fatherhood
  • Motherhood
  • Parenting
You have the perfect offer
for someone actively looking for that information
(you're helping not selling)

Here's your chance to position yourself as an expert

So when "Dad" is ready to call?

Chances are he won't even bother to do a Google search...
He's just going to call you 1st.

Especially if you offer a good reason for him to call you.
Think free evaluation!

That's NOT all...

You're building a list of people that you can email to share your NEW posts.

You know the ones right?


I'll show you... how you can post LOCAL info that isn't posted all over social.

  • You'll be "in the know" and people will look to you for all things local
  • You'll be seen as the local company that cares
  • You'll be sharing local news before anyone
    even know what's going on

You'll be locally relevant, helpful,
and people will want to follow you!


You can also use the tool to run photo or recipe contests, sweepstakes, and other events.

PLUS you can partner with other local businesses...

All are VERY powerful and very VIRAL

Not many water damage restoration posts go viral 😉   

But offering something like the example below is SURE to get your name out there and build your local reputation.
Especially if you "keep in touch" with people so they think of you when they need you!

Leverage Local for Viral Contests...

Partner with your local oil change service center and use an ad like this.
Many times "your partner " will pick up the cost of the prize...

Our tool can handle the entire "contest" process.

Including building out a landing page that collects peoples names and emails too.

We offer PROTECTED territories
That means YOU will be the ONLY one using our tool in your area.

NOTE: This is on a 1st come, 1st served basis

Want More Info?

You can schedule a call by clicking the big red button. Or, drop us a note at: thepride@bigCatMarketingGroup .com


Prices are based on how many locations you own and operate.
Prices start at just $250/month (reports to be discussed)

Ask About SPECIAL "discounted" PRICING

  • for franchises
  • association members
  • and veterans

 Contact us for details

You'll FINALLY be able to grow your business and
become the LOCAL brand in your community by leveraging social media

Interested in a short demo or want us to handle it all for you?

Option 1: You can have full access to the tool and run everything yourself or you can manage your in-office person to make sure they post consistently and you can easily monitor results.

Option 2: Or we can do it all for you. 

Option 3: We create special reports for you.

Each option varies in price based on the # of locations you have and if you qualify for our special discount pricing.

For more information - Contact us

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