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We're excited to announce a major win for our client, SERVPRO of Denver North, Betsy & Brian Harvey!

They're in the highly competitive Denver CO market.

Despite being one of six SERVPRO franchises in the area and located farther from downtown than many of its competitors, SERVPRO of Denver North has achieved an unprecedented level of visibility in local search results.

Our client's information was prominently displayed, capturing the attention of potential customers across the Denver area. Other SERVPRO locations were hidden from the typical search results...
John Bogdanski

πŸ“Š The Challenge:

The Denver area is home to several SERVPRO franchises, including:

  • SERVPRO of Denver East and Southwest
  • SERVPRO of Denver Northeast
  • SERVPRO of Denver West
  • SERVPRO of Downtown Denver / Team Ellerbroek
  • SERVPRO of Downtown Denver / Team Olson
  • SERVPRO of Denver North (our client)

A Google search for "SERVPRO Denver" would typically display a map pack featuring multiple locations.

The image below shows a typical map pack and is the result of a search of SERVPRO Atlanta GA

Results for a search of Servpro Atlanta Ga

No Surprise Right?

This presented a challenge for our client in standing out, especially given their distance from the city center.

πŸ’‘ The Strategy: Our Big Cat Marketing Group team implemented a robust local SEO strategy, focusing on optimizing SERVPRO of Denver North's online presence and leveraging the power of Google's Knowledge Panel.

πŸ† The Result: In a recent Google search for "SERVPRO Denver," we witnessed an extraordinary outcome.

The usual map pack was notably absent, and in its place, SERVPRO of Denver North's Knowledge Panel dominated the search engine results page!

See the video here
No one is getting the exposure that Servpro of Denver North is getting!
  1. If you needed help in Denver and you knew the SERVPRO name...
  2. And you typed in SERVPRO Denver or SERVPRO Denver CO...
  3. And you were presented with this page
    (that Denver North Dominates)...

    Who's your 1st choice to call?

    πŸš€ The Impact: This achievement has significantly increased SERVPRO of Denver North's visibility and potential customer reach, despite being one of the farthest locations from downtown Denver.

    It's a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and the expertise of our team at Big Cat Marketing Group.

    We're incredibly proud of this success and look forward to continuing our partnership with SERVPRO of Denver North, helping them maintain their competitive edge in the market.

    If you're looking to achieve similar results for your business, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Let's make your business roar in the digital jungle! πŸ¦πŸ’ΌπŸŒŸ
    #DigitalMarketing #SEOSuccess #LocalSEO #BigCatMarketingGroup #SERPDomination

    You may want to ask us:

    • What strategies led to SERVPRO of Denver North's success?
    • How can other SERVPROs improve visibility online?
    • Does location generally affect SERVPROs' online visibility?

    Here's a hint behind our success...

    You know one of the big "things" is links, right?
    We use links like this -

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