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A Tool for Companies With Happy Customers

First, the problem we are solving...

"Fake" reviews are flooding the internet, and consumers are becoming more skeptical... So we need a better solution!
-John Bogdanski

Turn the PAIN of Fake Reviews
Into Your Advantage

Build credibility   |   Build trust   |   Build your brand (especially your local brand)

What's in it for you?

It's  all about YOUR  Happy Customers talking about YOUR business

Real  - Authentic - Presented in a way that makes it harder to fake AND easy to believe (and trust).

Why the time is right for this tool

That are making video reviews EXPLODE

1.) People are losing trust in "typed reviews"

Amazon has been offering video reviews for a while and they're growing in popularity.
(I still don't trust their typed reviews)

2.) Covid has made video more acceptable and less feared

Think massive use of video chat ie. Zoom

3.) New technology makes it super simple to take and load a video (1 click, no app install)

We have a 1 click video process that makes it easy for your customer and it's safe for you.
(no need to download an app, just click and start...)
Once the video is complete you get to see it and decide where to promote it.

The best way to leverage video reviews is to promote reviews from your best customers

How it works

PREP: You already know the customers that are thrilled with you.
They are the people that you reach out to.


danielle mortimer

1.) Send a link (to your happiest clients) that takes them to the example screenshot.

In this example, it identifies Danielle (who was the point person), her title, the company and a short request for a video review.
(It also requires a privacy/request that allows you to use the video how you'd like)

2.) All your client will do is click "record or upload video"

They can make a video instantly (no apps to download) 1 click and they can instantly create their video, or they can upload a video.

3.) Once complete, their video is automatically brought into our dashboard for your review

Promote it where ever you like. 
We recommend ALL your social platforms and on your site too.

BTW - you can "tweek" the video too. (Think adding captions or context)

Two more versions of our solution are below.
You have 3 options. Choose the example above or choose from the photo or video examples below.


The most common question I get? What do I do with these video testimonials?

The easy answer is to put them on your website.

That's typical.

You need to think more creatively.

You need to understand current tech so well that you can "bend" the rules (something we do very well).

Click and open the examples below:

click to watch video

click to watch video

If you have any questions, let's talk.
No hard sell, no uncomfortable pauses, just me answering your questions and showing you how you can leverage the big changes in the growth of video caused by COVID.

View of your dashboard for your video review KPI's:

Click to see details

If you're still skeptical and want more information, let me know and I'll send you over more details.

Either way, you can drop me a note here

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