How to Handle Bad Reviews & Complaints

The “Ethical Bribery” Strategy
For More Reviews

Did you know that bad reviews and negative complaints are entirely normal?

In fact, if Google doesn’t see at least one, it might suspect your account is fake and negatively impact your SEO! But how do you deal with those negative reviews bound to come in sooner or later? 

The most important thing to remember is that you can not ignore them! You need to always respond, in a polite manner that tells the next reader you care about your customers.

You should then try to take the conversation offline and see if you can help fix what went wrong.

Never get in a long-drawn-out argument or confrontation online

One of the best strategies is to simply get more good reviews coming in! A couple of bad reviews won’t hurt you, in fact, if you respond well they might even help if you have dozens or hundreds of positive reviews!

When you read that headline, you might have thought you were getting into shady territory. After all, bribes are rarely a good thing. However, bribes can be done very ethically.

Think of the last time you ordered a pizza. Did your receipt say something about a “free” order of cheesy bread if you went online and provided feedback? That’s an “ethical bribe”.

See, there’s a big difference between ethically providing an incentive to review and just paying for reviews
The Pride

Another great strategy is to simply give them something great, to begin with, and then ask for a review. The feeling of obligation will work in your favor.

This is why when they studied restaurant waiters giving out a free mint with the check their tips were higher on average! People respond in kind!

Get creative, and build more positive reviews. If you need ideas, we have an amazing system that can help. 

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