How A Local Franchise Got Page One Google Rankings (In Five Different Places)

Local Business (just like yours) Makes the Phone Ring by Ranking #1 On Maps, YouTube, Organic Search+Ads.
You Can Copy What They Do

Before Google recent search changes, many sites appeared on page one and that meant lots of visitors. Many of those sites have NOW vanished from page 1 and it's crickets.

No exposure, no clicks...  No one finds your site.

Proof That YOU Can Dominate Google

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Search: water removal Glen Mills

! - 16, 900,000 sites competing for this phrase

#1 The only company appearing in the maps

#2 Listed #1 in the 3 pack (#1 out of 100 companies fighting for this top spot)

#3 Listed #2 as a YouTube video

#4 Listed 3 in organic

FULL DISCLOSURE: SERVPRO of Southern Delaware County's a client

SERVPRO franchise websites fell off Google Search Results pages like ROCKS except for the one above. Look at the sites that were crippled below...
John Bogdanski

Click image to see

Click image to see

Click image to see

Click image to see

All examples above are SERVPRO sites!
Sympathy for my friends at SERVPRO

Tool To Access The Info  Above Can Be Found In The Report

It's not "just" organic search...
Check Out YouTube, We're Listed #1  There Too

SERVPRO of Southern Delaware dominates Bing by appearing as a knowledge panel
(even for a non-branded search term)

This is great...
BUT it gets better
Let's REALLY Dominate the Page!

Let's add Google Guarantee and Adwords too

That means the SERPS (search engine results page) can look like this:

How We Did It:

  • We used Google My Business (GMB) with metadata attached to images and videos
    • We suggest up to 18 categories (sensibly and tested)
    • Video adds an extra layer on top of what you'd use on images
  • We posted (both images, videos & content) to GMB consistently
    • Our tests show posting 4-5 times a week is the sweet spot
    • Mix posts - curated, community, fun
  • We "adjusted" their youtube channel for best results
    • Tags are critical
    • Incoming links (but only relevant ones)
  • We created a new blog post in that's based on what Google wants now
  • We added metadata to the image used in the blog post
    • You need to signal Google every chance you get
    • The more consistent theme-related signals the better
    • Up to 18 pieces of data
  • We created theme-related links
  • We created local links that made sense
    • Not the easiest to get but the most powerful
    • Think "build your local brand" when hunting for links
  • Think like your target customer
    • Some customers need immediate help
    • Other customers research before they call
    • TIP-mold prospects look for information before they consider vendors
    • Offer info "gently" and follow up consistently
  • We went after a search term that we knew made the phone ring
    • Not all search terms are equal
    • Remember mold prospects have a longer buying cycle so investing in those "early" terms are critical to build the know, like and trust factor
Copy What These Guys Did

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Extra Insight:

It's not just exposure, it's about CTR (click thru rate) too.

So here's what we did:

We split tested multiple thumbnail images.

The image that generated the most clicks won!

And  the winner was Danielle's image.
I can see why... she's a beauty! 

Danielle from southern delaware county

If you need help working towards these kinds of results, please let us know.

In most cases we do it cheaper then you can.

Reach out to us here

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