3 Unexpected Ways for More Google Reviews 2022

This Is NOT your Regurgitated, Rehashed
"How to Get Reviews - Rubbish"

 FIRST... How Many Reviews Do You Need?

When a business hits 200 Google reviews... revenue increases by 44%

-Research from Bazar voice, they manage 50 million reviews +

Get Fake Reviews?

Be a Good Guy - Don't buy fake reviews

BEFORE we get into it - Stop buying fake google reviews.

Because many of the gmail accounts being used are coming from out of the country and that’s an easy footprint for Google to follow

NOT mentioning any names but…

Some companies in the market are using fake reviews and those are becoming easier and easier to identify by humans as well as by Google.

I'm not going to be calling out anyone for obvious fake reviews or reviews that are questionable.

Your about to learn how to get reviews without stepping on Google's toes

#1 The Easiest Review to Get

I have seen people succeed by asking for a review once they provide some value that their client/potential client recognizes and acknowledges.

Don’t wait till the job is completely finished before you ask for a review

Ask for a review when your client gives you some sort of positive feedback on the work that you're doing.

This is one of the easiest points in time to actually get a review.


#2 Here’s How to Get Reviews From NON-Clients

Example - Character Reviews 

Boost your profile with character reviews.
This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a large pool of reviews at your fingertips. 

We call them character reviews. 
A character review is a recommendation for your character from someone who knows you. 

Any person who has the ability to judge your character and help-ability

  • People like friends, family, and coworkers can give you character reviews.
  • Vendors who make money from you can even write reviews for you.
  • Are you involved with any charities?

Is there any reason you shouldn't ask them for a review?

In my opinion, the general rule is that anyone who knows you and what you do…  can leave you a five-star review to help you. 

Good reviews are credible
John Bogdanski
Here’s an example of a good review

What makes it good?

  1. It’s from a local guide (level 7)
  2. With lots of reviews and photos
  3. Punched both the positive and services bubbles so they appear in the review

Notice how SERVPRO of Denver North responded

They did a very nice job of using NLP, natural language processing which Google loves!

You can see the NLP in a visual format in a word cloud from john bogs and Denver North…

#3 Incentivize Reviews (the legal way)

I'm not advocating breaking any laws and giving incentives to anyone who leaves a review.

There's one legitimate way you can offer “prizes” for people

You can offer prizes for people who have ALREADY left you a review.

A subtle change with a HUGE impact

Mention that "after your client leaves a review they are entered into a monthly contest for a mouthwatering prize”.

You are incentivizing them AFTER they have already left the review.

What are the chances that anyone will put in the time
and effort to leave a review?

Knowing that they won't receive anything in return...

We like to run contests and offer sweet prizes

Or PARTNER with another local business and grow both your businesses

An example might be a monthly drawing at a local Restaurant for 2 and you pick up the bill

Or a nite on the town!

Here's an example of a partnership with a local oil change service company

In this case, offer more than one winner or an oil change for the entire year!

And YES we can handle all the details for you and run the contest for you too!

You don't have to stalk your clients and beg for reviews.

You could be sitting in an untapped Goldmine for reviews without even realizing it.

How to Ask for a Review

 Let's start by looking at how not to ask for a review

Most people ask for reviews by saying, "Hey, can you leave me a review?"
That sounds easy, but it doesn't always happen.

People move on to other things and the review gets forgotten because life is busy and there is a lot to do.

What causes it to happen so often? 

Obstacles make people less likely to leave the review, so you should remove as many as you can. 

You might think this is a simple task, but just look at all the obstacles

  • Signing in to their Google account
  • Remembering their password
  • Finding your Google my business page
  • Figuring out what to write
  • Writing a review
  • Hoping  life doesn't get in the way

Make it Easy

 If you want someone to give you an honest review, you need to make it easy for them.

 You need to give him a direct link to Google's review listing for your business.

Promote your Reviews

Do you need help promoting your reviews?

No one talks about that piece and we can help you there too.

Here’s an example. https://bigcatmarketinggroup.com/customers-gossip/

Extra Bonus

Reviews are just a bonus for your bottom line...

  • The use of reviews also acts as a means of handling objections and building trust
  • They give you social proof
  • Your firm becomes legitimate in Google's eyes as a result of them.

BTW - Would you like to rank higher?

Get more reviews.

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