Win or Lose?

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Five - Short Videos - That will make or break your online sales
#1 Why SEO is so Important For GMB   #2 GMB = Sales    #3 PPC    #4 Visitor Case Study    #5 NEWS

#1 Why SEO is so Important For GMB
  • Google is confused! 
    (it can hurt Your GMB)
  • Google Maps 
    (Prepare or perish)
  • Reviews - 5 star or 1 star
    (1 is better then 5)

Googles challenge
(actual screenshot) -->

#2 Google My Business 
Winner Takes All
  • Win GoogleMyBusiness
    (It's time to ratchet it up)
  • GMB is really SEO
    (Don't believe me? Watch)
  • Your best marketer?
    (It's Artificial Intelligence)

<--Proof / Examples

#3 PPC the Old Fashion Way or the NEW way?
  • Old Vs. New
    (Don't be left behind)
  • Google Loves Brands
    (Be the Local Brand)
  • Leverage is Your Friend
    (Do this and dominate)

Horse & Buggy or Tesla -->

#4 Visitor Case Study
  • You or Corporate?
    (Who really wins)
  • SEO is LOCAL
    (Win local, win the game)
  • See How You Rank
    (Tool mentioned in video)
    Free 7-Day Trial Here

<-- Effectiveness of SEO

#5 What Else Is New?
  • 2 "Specials"
    (Both ROCK)
  • Advertise On Your Competitors GMB
    (Serious Stuff Here)
  • Be Pro-Active
    (Interrupt and get the sale)

Knowledge Is Power -->

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