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Special Op's

Our primary focus is on the Propane & Heating Oil Markets. However... Occasionally we take on other projects

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Horse Moms

A Business to Consumer website helping to educate women on horse care and support horses in need.

Passionate Niche

A very female focused, affiliate website to drive visitors to buy from other sites creating commissions.

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Kurtis Thomas

A Business to Consumer website helping sell a book with webinars attached to help people grow.


A "personality" website featuring videos & celebs to drive acceptance, information and sales.

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Alliance Security

A Business to Consumer website focused on homeowners selling home alarm systems.


John was instrumental in the strategy, rebuild, & growth of the AllianceSecurity .com website.

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Roar Isabella

A Business to Consumers website selling higher end
T-shirts where a portion of each sale goes to a charity.

Marketing Power

A very emotionally driven website with a much higher than average sales price required marketing.

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Michelle Jacobik

Created a site to position Michelle as the expert to:
Help You Eliminate Stress & Gain Financial Freedom
Educating, Equipping and Empowering you in the area of Personal Finances


Critical to understand the mental model of the customer and to build a site that resonated, educated and sold Michelles services

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