A Special Report Can Grow Your Business and Help Prevent Costly
On-line Mistakes

Guaranteed   Or   Your   Money Back

Special Reports

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*Our proprietary tool analyzes public data from Google & Bing

Block of consulting time $200/hour


The Basic Report makes it easy. You see what your potential challenges are and I explain in bullets what you need to do to correct or take advantage of what we find in the report.

The Standard Report is a bit more in depth because of your site audit. In order for you to take advantage of the report I go through it with you and answer any questions you might have (I share my screen and you’ll get a video of our meeting too)

The Pivotal Report covers quite a bit more PLUS a more in depth look into a competitor of your choice. This is a full 2 hours broken out into 2 one hour meetings.
(We share our screen and get you a video copy too)