You need LOCAL exposure on Google

And to get it, you need Frequency, Recency, and Relevance

And you can do that with your Google My Business posts.

Most people don’t leverage the GMB (Google My Business) post properly or don’t even know it exists.
If they do, they do it wrong... both in content and in the photo set up.

One solution is to POWER-UP your Google My Business postings by adding metadata
(like keywords and latitude and longitude to your images up, to 18 different tags)

How to add metadata to pictures

I'm going to show you examples of results we have seen in the wild. - (PROOF)

 You'll see, how you can add it to your image before you post on GMB - (STEP BY STEP)

 You'll learn to do it (CHEAPER), without doing it yourself or adding more work to someone in your office

Imagine if people in your local area were searching for you and you were able to appear like the results below...


In The Wild (PROOF how powerful GMB is) click the images below for a closer look

Google is your new home page.

For many businesses, it has become the single most important internet presence in terms of attracting new customers.

Servpro CT was the search

meriden fire damage restoration was the search

5 search examples

The standard 3 pack

How do you think all that visibility would affect your business?
Would your phone ring a little more than it does right now?
What if your competition appeared here instead of you?

DISCLAIMER - This is SEO (search engine optimization)
We don't guarantee that you'll see the same results.
But we can tell you, we will use best practices and our goal is getting you the same results

NOTE- We have special FRANCHISE services where we hand all of this (same message) throughout your entire franchise community.Contact us for details

Do It Yourself

Step By Step - You'll need a photo editing software and some time

Here are jut a few of the steps

  • Make sure to tag the appropriate keyword.
  • Find and include the latitude and longitude for each individual image.
  • If there are other appropriate metadata tags to add, please make sure to include them.
  • We suggest the content includes a themed sequence.
  • Posts should include: motivational, "of the day", tips, current events, local friends, and of course about you too.


We Do It For You

We do all the work, and it's done for you the right way (best pride practices)

The entire pride agrees... 3 posts per week is the absolute minimum to see any traction.

That's 3 posts X 4 weeks X 12 months = 144 posts

Potentially up to 18 tags/image, 18 tags X 144 posts = 2,592 tags

We take all the responsibility to get this done and you don't have to worry about finding anyone to do this, training them (the right way), following the themed sequence or worrying that it may not get done at all.

You do what you do best and allow us to do what we do best.

We can do it cheaper than you can do it. (and we do it the right way)

You get access to our ROI tool to see how our efforts impact your sales.