Founding Four (pre-launch) OFFER

During our PRE-Launch phase … We test out the site and run it through it’s paces before we start our promotion phase.

It gives us a chance to test the links, the pages, the speed and all the other 87 items on our checklist.

One of the PERKS of being invited to participate in our dry run is you’ll get access to join our Special FOUNDERS 4 Group.

That means for a limited time, you can order any product on the site (they are ALL GOOD TO GO) and get 50% off on that product for life!

It’s a LIMITED offer for a LIMITED time and may be pulled at any time, never to be seen again. And we mean it, no false scarcity here. Once the offer is gone it’s gone.


  1. After you have selected a product/service you’ll be taken to the shopping cart.
  2. Directly under the products in your cart you’ll see a Founding FOUR social section with different social buttons to click.
  3. Click one and share the site – you will have a coupon code automagically take 50% off everything in your order. FOR LIFE!

If you’re interested in grabbing any of our products at a pre-launch special (as our way of saying thank you for helping us test the site) now’s the time.

And YES we can do something similar for you 🙂