xApp Features

Finally... Affordable Apps ~YOU CONTROLL
A complete list of available features (we are continuing to add more)

Specifically for small and medium sized business that are powerful, useful and you can control!

4 Categories

1. User Interaction   2. Content   3. Revenue   4. Social

1. User Interaction

user interaction

Create video of the location feature with GPS, social, address google maps

2. Content

Video – tie other sites feeding info right to your app. For example: if you are a car dealership and want to have access to brand sites blogs (say Ford, BMW). So now as info is added to the other sites it automagically appears here in your app too.

3. Revenue

Video – choose to have mobile ads appear. Anyone clicks that ad and you get a commission on those clicks. Just like Google Adsense.

We are working on incorporating “beacon” technology…

If someone with your app walks by your store, they can get a message/special offer directly to their phone.

4. Social

video – Choose to see your total feed or only the messages that you’ve posted

The world has gone mobile,
leverage this to your advantage


To access case studies in a variety of industries, please contact us.